CIFS on Debian Wheezy

I’ve reproduced this reported bug - - on my Waldorf machine, and have arrived at the following solution:

As root, open the existing /etc/fstab file and comment-out your existing CIFS mount(s)

Unmount all existing cifs mounts:

# sudo umount -a -t cifs

Install autofs:

# sudo aptitude install autofs

Open (as root) new file /etc/auto.master:

# sudo vi /etc/auto.master

If you want the mounted directories under /data, add the following line:

/data /etc/auto.misc --timeout 60 --ghost

The “ghost” option ensures that even unmounted directories are always visible. Remove this if you prefer to only see the directory when you enter the path to the mounted directory.

Open (as root) new file /etc/auto.misc:

# sudo vi /etc/auto.misc

Add line(s) at the end for your mount directories in a similar format to your /etc/fstab file:

downloads1 -fstype=cifs,rw,username=ootput,password=<cifs_pass>,uid=1000,gid=1000 ://

  • where ‘downloads1’ refers to a local mountpoint under /data, and ‘downloads2’ to the remote cifs share, respectively.

Start the autofs service:

# sudo service autofs restart

Additionally, I enabled all SysRq functions to address stalled shutdown procedures by adding to /etc/sysctl.conf: