Why eBay will never go broke

M. Suresh 10:14:11
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help. My name is M. Suresh May I have your full name?
ootput 10:15:49
ootput 10:15:54
My name is Joseph LP
M. Suresh 10:16:23
Thank you .How may I assist you today?
ootput 10:17:13
I’m trying to resolve an issue with Ebay (and therefore Paypal) holding my funds for my sale of xxxxxxxxxx listing.
ootput 10:17:41
This particular transaction was completed with a personal delivery of the goods to the recipient.
ootput 10:17:48
ie not a courier
ootput 10:18:17
The recipient has received the goods - therefore providing positive feedback - but Ebay insists on holding my funds
ootput 10:18:36
Can you please explain how the recipient can take action to have the payment available?
ootput 10:19:12
The delivery was made the day after the funds appeared in Paypal
M. Suresh 10:20:20
Alright, let me check what best I can do for you.
M. Suresh 10:23:44
Your paypal amount is on hold because you have not uploaded the tracking number.
ootput 10:23:45
Are you still there?
ootput 10:24:01
Thats correct
ootput 10:24:53
In lieu of
what I typed earlier, there was no tracking number to be given as it was
delivered directly to the recipient personally

M. Suresh 10:25:14
First I request you to upload the tracking number so that the funds would be released early.
ootput 10:26:00
Excuse me?
M. Suresh 10:27:27
I apologise
for the inconvenience but you have not met with one criteiria i.e to
release the funds early, you should have 25 transaction.

ootput 10:28:14
Can you please provide reference for that?
M. Suresh 10:28:53
Yes please.
ootput 10:28:53
So, essentially, what you’re telling me is that:
ootput 10:29:22
Because I did not provide tracking information for the item(s), that the funds won’t be released early.
ootput 10:30:00
When sufficient time has elapsed, the funds will be released per Ebay policies
ootput 10:30:20
Despite my still not providing the tracking number (as there is no tracking number to be given)?
M. Suresh 10:30:31
These are the criterias for Paypal hold.
1. 90 days since first sale on eBay.com (which met) AND
2. 25 domestic sales on eBay.com (lifetime metric for the account) (which is not met yet) AND
3. $250 in sales on the account (It is completed)
4. Standard or Above seller standing (It is completed)
ootput 10:31:10
ootput 10:31:32
So eBay is aware that the goods successfully changed hands, right?
M. Suresh 10:32:37
The purpose
of this hold is to increase buyer and seller satisfaction on eBay by
helping to ensure safe and successful transactions.

ootput 10:33:43
OK. They may have to re-purpose that hold.
M. Suresh 10:33:57
Is there anything else that I may assist you in regards with eBay?
ootput 10:34:02
That’s why I originally asked if there was anything that the Buyer could do to expedite the process?
ootput 10:34:18
As we were both satisfied with the transaction - only eBay NOT was satisfied
M. Suresh 10:35:29
You have not with only one criteria i.e 25 domestic sales on eBay.com (lifetime metric for the account) (which is not met yet)
ootput 10:35:40
ootput 10:36:00
Thanks for your assistance. These ‘holds’ must make eBay a fortune on interest accrued.
M. Suresh 10:36:09
Thank you for choosing eBay. Have a nice day.
ootput 10:36:53
I shall try
ootput 10:36:55
The chat session is being wrapped up.
The chat session has ended.

Take from that what you will.

Embedding IFrames in Wordpress.com

I recently came across a workaround for embedding iframes in Wordpress.com blogs:

Flash and all other embeds are not allowed in WordPress.com posts, pages, or text widgets. For security reasons, we remove the tags needed for these to work. Your intentions may be innocent, but someone somewhere might try to use such embeds to damage the site, affecting all of our users.

As this guide suggests, the workaround made use of a perfectly legitimate and supported shortcode API. In essence, the workaround involved converting an iframe to Flash, which in turn was sourced by [gigya].

I was able to illustrate the concept below:

For my dearest nephew, and any other chess enthusiasts that are perusing this blog, I have embedded a chess game that I recently played. Click the link below, and try to figure out the positional/tactical errors that my opponent (and close friend) committed, and any variations that may have redeemed his play.

<table style="border:none;height:32px;width:32px;">
[gigya src="http://cdn.tagul.com/cloud.swf" flashvars="autoplay=1" allowfullscreen="true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" width="542" height="300" flashvars="id=180853@2"]

If, for some reason, the embed doesn’t show, here’s a link to how it should look.

NES Nostalgia

A throwback to the NES days of old, this video has recently become a favourite of mine. It features Anamanaguchi - Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues,

Anamanaguchi is a chiptune indie rock band from New York City that “makes loud, fast music with a hacked NES from 1985.” Akin to other chiptune artists, Anamanaguchi creates music using synthesizers, albeit unconventional ones: namely a hacked NES and Game Boy.