Fixed Search in Hexo

I have been struggling to get search to work on my hexo-generated blog.

I initially thought it was due to a poorly implemented theme, but as jamiehumphries correctly suggests, Hexo’s core required a fix.

This very simple fix was discussed here, and the following diff illustrates the change needed:

The diff can be applied to form.js at (on FreeBSD global installation) /usr/local/lib/node_modules/hexo/lib/plugins/helper

Also, see here for further necessary patches.

Add Reddit Share button to Hexo's Landscape theme

I have added a Reddit button to Hexo’s Landscape theme by re-using existing code for Pinterest’s share button (found by searching Landscape’s Github repo for references to Pinterest), with minor modifications specific to Reddit.

Additionally, I had to update font-awesome to its latest git version as version 4.2 does not provide a reddit icon.

The changes I made can be found in this Git commit

Automatically tweet new Hexo entry via IFTTT

In the absence of Wordpress’ Publicize, I have decided to use IFTTT in conjunction with Hexo Feed Generator, to automatically publicize my Hexo entries.

IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That , is a tool that automates tasks using triggers and actions. IFTTT connects two services, and then triggers an action on one service when you perform an action on the other service. It works with all of the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and YouTube.

After connecting my twitter account, I chose to use a new rss feed entry as the ‘trigger’, and a new tweet as the ‘action’. My recipe can be found here.

Instructions for applications can be found by traversing the links provided.

ootput Burst on Github via Hexo

Thanks to Hexo, I am slowly migrating my site towards Github. Github Pages reminds me of Nanoblogger in many ways - sans the excruciating pace of deployment. I love Github’s free-of-ads hosting, and the fact that I can tinker with the content framework in the comfort of my beloved Emacs editor. I also don’t mind the fact that I work with a local repository of text-based version-controlled blog entries.

Check out my work-in-progress at

Changes to vanilla Hexo are courtesy of fine Hexo documentation at