New DSLR Camera - Canon EOS 400D


I recently came into the possession of a Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi). I had previously owned compact Canons, and while it was not technically a new camera, the 400D was the first camera that allowed me to tinker with exposure settings to obtain more creative shots.

As this was a hand-me-down present, I wasn’t entirely fussy with what I received. The lens that came with the camera was a Canon EF 28-80mm which probably was included in a camera kit at some point. While it wasn’t the best Canon lens available, I didn’t mind as I was rather new to DSLR photography, and I was more concerned with knowing how to properly handle the camera and lens.

I have watched countless YouTube tutorials on the fundamentals of photography (exposure settings & “rules”), and I was overwhelmingly inspired to create. I took several candid shots around the house, and I was able to produce photos that I feel were far superior to any of the ones I had taken in the past.