20 Months Past

Today’s pre-dinner weigh-in had me at 90.2 kg.

My most recent photo:

From 110 to 90kg in 20 months meant I lost, on average, 1 kilo a month.

Truthfully, I rapidly lost the most weight during the first 6 months (the honeymoon phase). I’d lost 12 kilos, but my weight-loss methods were not sustainable. I would bulk up again during the winter months (June-onwards) and there was absolutely no consistency in my fat-loss.

Looking back, those 2-hour-long 6-day-per-week sessions of the Upper/Cardio/Lower split variety really took its toll on me both physically and mentally.

My sex-drive was non-existent, and I was constantly either moody, weary, or sleepy. I’m sure I put my wife through hell.

I can now understand why a majority of gym-memberships in January barely survive beyond 3-months. Most obese people (myself included) tend to take an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to trying to lose fat. They give it their all on the treadmill, see no visible changes from one week to the next, then stop trying.

Knowing this fact, I sought to perservere for 6 months through the gut-wrenching training. I was fortunate enough to implement enough resistance training to maintain my muscle mass during my weight fluctuations.

I will now limit my sessions to 4 times a week for an hour at a time, for example Push/Cardio/Pull/Cardio